V/A - Little Darla has a Treat for You, Vol. 25: Endless Summer 2007-08 Edition

(DRL190: 708527019023)

The World’s most popular compilation series. 2xCD. 35 tracks (32 exclusive tracks). The package/artwork layout features beautiful rare fruit photos taken by members of the California Rare Fruit Growers club. Only from Darla, the musical paradise in the garden of eden.

Features work by Darla family artists and labels.



1.  AARKTICA “Arms” AARON SPECTRE remix (Darla) 4:50
Vista, CA.

2. ATONE "72 Mesures et Plus" (Autres Directions In Music) 3:42
Angers, France.

3. AZ-ROTATOR “Bioconductor” (Ad Noiseam) 4:45

4. CALIFORNIA ORANGES “Travel Writer” (Darla) 3:22
Sacramento, CA.

5. KEITH CANISIUS “The Sea me, feel me” (Darla) 6:50
Odense, Denmark.

6. CDATAKILL “You Are Mine” v.2 (Ad Noiseam) 3:55

7. COOPER “Canción de Viernes” (Elefant) 3:51
Leon, Spain.

8. CORAZON “La Fiebre de Carlos” (Elefant/Fifa) 3:12
Madrid, Spain.

9. LINDA DRAPER “Shine” Alternate version (Planting Seeds) 4:32
New York, NY.

10. FOLLOW THE TRAIN “219” (Darla) 7:34
Louisville, KY.

11. FRANK & WALTERS “Hold On” Milky Way Remix (Elefant) 3:49
Cork, Ireland.

12. FUTURE CONDITIONAL “Switchboard Girl” (LTM) 4:55
London, UK.

13. STAFRAENN HAKON “Sítrónudurgur” Revised version (Resonant) 4:44
Reykjavik, Iceland.

14. JAPANCAKES “Soft n EZ” Live (Darla) 7:19
Athens, GA.

15. JUPITER APPLE “The Homeless and the Jet” (Elefant) 11:32
Rio De Janero, Brasil.


1. HELL ON WHEELS “Gone Too Far” (Hybris) 3:04
Stockholm, Sweden.

2. LAND OF ILL EARTHQUAKES “Acres of Fakers” demo (Elefant) 2:49
Los Angeles, CA.

3. JATUN “Ion Crush” (Other Electricities) 2:51
Portland, OR.

4. LIGHTS OUT ASIA “Lights Out, Crying Planes” (n5MD) 5:20
Milwaukee, WI.

5. LULLATONE “Sleepytime Samba” Bossa nova version (Audio Dregs Recordings) 3:22
Nagoya, Japan.

6. MAHOGANY “Supervitesse” ULRICH SCHNAUSS Remix (Darla) 5:32
Brooklyn, NY.

7. MIAOU “Memories of a Petal” (Thomason Sounds) 6:18 
Kanagawa, Japan.

8. MY LITTLE AIRPORT “Coka, I’m Fine” (Elefant) 1:52
Hong Kong, China.

9. NUURO “Temper Temper” (Soundsister) 2:11
Caracas, Venezuela.

10. PONIES IN THE SURF “Ventricle” (Darla) 2:17
Cambridge, MA.

11. PORT ROYAL "Eva Green" (Resonant) 4:12
Genova, Italy.

12. BLAINE REININGER “House of Atreus” (LTM) 3:21
Athens, Greece.

13. RF & LILI DE LA MORA “Moon Balloon” (Rowing At Sea) 4:37
San Francisco / Long Beach, CA.

14. SECTION 25 “Can’t Let Go” (LTM) 5:08
Blackpool, UK.

15. SPRITES “Pac Man Fever” (Darla) 3:33
Montclair, VA.

16. SUBMERGED “Predator” (Sublight) 4:31
New York, NY.

17. .tape. “Far Away” Little Treat Mix (Other Electricities) 3:49
Gijon, Asturias, Spain.

18. TREMBLING BLUE STARS “The Moon Turns Branches to Silhouettes” (Elefant) 3:26
London, UK.

19. THE VOYCES “You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Heaven” (Planting Seeds) 2:35
New York, NY.

20. YELLOW6 “Encase” (Resonant/Make Mine Music) 6:03
Loughborough, UK.

1. Arms (Aaron Spectre remix., 2. 72 Mesures et Plus, 3. Bioconductor, 4. Travel Writer (Alternate mix., 5. The Sea Me, Feel Me, 6. You Are Mine (Version 2., 7. Canción de Viernes, 8. La Fiebre de Carlos, 9. Shine (Alternate version., 10. 219, 11. Hold On (Milky Way remix., 12. Switchboard Girl, 13. Sítrónudurgur (Revised version., 14. Soft n EZ (Live., 15. The Homeless and the Jet, 16. Gone Too Far, 17. Ion Crush, 18. Acres of Fakers (Demo., 19. Lights Out, Crying Planes, 20. Sleepytime Samba (Bossa Nova version., 21. Supervitesse (Ulrich Schnauss remix., 22. Memories of a Petal, 23. Coka, I’m Fine, 24. Temper Temper, 25. Ventricle, 26. Eva Green, 27. House of Atreus, 28. Moon Balloon, 29. Can’t Let Go, 30. Pac Man Fever, 31. Predator, 32. Far Away (Little Treat mix., 33. The Moon Turns Branches to Silhouettes, 34. You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Heaven, 35. Encase

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