v/a - Homenaje A Family: Un Soplo En El Corazon De Elefant

(ELE25002-2: 8428846252025)

1. PAPA TOPO - Su Mal Humor
2. BAND À PART - El Bello Verano
3. MODULAR - Sentimental
4. LA BIEN QUERIDA - Dame Estrellas O Limones
5. CRISTINA QUESADA - Viaje A Los Sueños Polares
6. LINDA GUILALA - Carlos Baila
7. LOS BONSÁIS - El Mapa
8. NOSOTRÄSH - Nadadora
9. NIZA - Dame Estrellas O Limones
10. LA CASA AZUL - Viaje A Los Sueños Polares
11. CORAZÓN - Martín Se Ha Ido Para Siempre
12. KAMAMURI: ANA D - La Noche Inventada
13. LA MONJA ENANA - Al Otro Lado
14. NOSOTRÄSH - Portugal
15. ASTRUD - El Bello Verano

This year, 2014, is Elefant’s 25th anniversary, and as we already announced, we want to celebrate it with really special releases. And this is definitely one of them! In 2003, for the10th anniversary of “Un Soplo En El Corazon”, Elefant Records released an album through the magazine Rockdelux. It was an album in homage to Family, with different artists (including LA CASA AZUL, LOS PLANETAS, LA BUENA VIDA, and NIZA) giving surprising and passionate versions of the songs on that inimitable album. In 2013, we re-released a digital version of the album. Now, for our label’s current anniversary, we have a different version of this album in homage to Family, this time focused on our label’s own groups. It’s a bigger, better version, divided in two parts, the first part with new versions recorded in 2013 and the second part with versions taken from the 2003 recordings.
Many of Elefant’s newer names also wanted to put in their part, so this release (which will include a limited run of 750 copies, in addition to digipak and digital) includes, for example, a cover of “Su Mal Humor”, by EL JOVEN LAGARTO (the group where FAMILY originated), with a prodigious mix between the soul-pop of the 60s and the big-bands of Glenn Miller. BAND À PART made a very respectful and danceable version of “El Bello Verano”. MODULAR, more pop than ever (obviously with their vocoders and analogue effects), decided to go for “Sentimental”, a song that wasn’t on the album but that had come out on their “Maqueta Plateada”. LA BIEN QUERIDA takes “Dame Estrellas O Limones” to unbelievable, outer-space levels, with a nod to Pachelbel’s Canon at the end. Cristina Quesada strums “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares” on her ukulele, with that touch of magical innocence and sweetness. LINDA GUILALA electrifies “Carlos Baila” with echoes of LOS PLANETAS and SPIRITUALIZED, and LOS BONSÁIS speed “El Mapa” up and give it dirty, enveloping guitars.
On the second part of the album, many of the songs are taken from that first homage: that synthesized and trippy “Dame Estrellas O Limones” by NIZA; the colorful, energetic make-over that LA CASA AZUL gave to “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares”; CORAZÓN’s profound, exciting visit to “Martín Se Ha Ido Para Siempre”; KAMAMURI:ANA D’s delicious abstraction for “La Noche Inventada”; the playful techno-pop that LA MONJA ENANA gave to “Al Otro Lado”; ASTRUD’s general craziness to fit the lyrics of “El Bello Verano” to the rhythm of the “La Pantera Rosa” cartoon show’s soundtrack; or NOSOTRÄSH’s fragile “Portugal”. It was precisely our beloved Asturians who recorded two songs for that album. The other song in question was “Nadadora”, which we already released in 2004 on “Momentos Perdidos”, that compilation of rare songs.
This is a heartfelt homage from Elefant’s artists, those who are here now and those who were here before, to an album and a band that have been key in the label’s history and in the path of pop music in our country, in general. It’s an album that came out of a little irregular heartbeat and that made the whole pop world tremble.

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