v/a - Little Darla Has A Treat For You: Reincarnated Tracks 1995-2004

(DRL300-3: 708527030035)
Release date: 05/25/2015
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop

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Darla Records presents a collection of choice exclusive tracks from the archive previously only available in their original physical incarnations 1995-2004. 20 are exclusive tracks from the world's greatest compilation series: Various Artists - Little Darla has a Treat for You. Also included are a previously unreleased studio recording of Barcelona covering the Altered Images 1981 synth pop classic "I Could Be Happy", the very best song from lost girl punk trio Rubbermaid - 7" single A side "Cucumber", and the best song from the long out of print debut Holiday Flyer album Try Not To Worry. Each track is an absolute jewel deserving of a new, long and prosperous life.

1. Holiday Flyer - Happy Hour Friends             
2. Heartworms - I Don't Need to Know (Ox on Hill Mix)         
3. Rubbermaid - Cucumber         
4. Heartworms - The Candle, the Radio & the Television              
5. Lilys - The Berated Escape         
6. Figurine - S.O.S. (Remix)             
7. Sweet Trip - An Impression (Tiny Cut)    
8. My Morning Jacket - Mother        
9. Barcelona - I Could Be Happy     
10. Figurine - Our Pure Efficiency (Goodbye Mix)         
11. Sweet Trip - Alura (Live at the Justice League, San Francisco)         
12. Barcelona - Why Do You Have so Much Fun Without Me (hollAnd Remix)         
13. California Oranges - Vanilla Blue         
14. Photon Band - Beachwood Park        
15. Color Filter - Shikisai No Mabataki (A Color's Blink)         
16. Lowlights - Lowlights (Four Track Demo Version)         
17. Sweet Trip - Deep (No. 2)         
18. The Wake - Town of 85 Lights (Demo Version)        
19. Crispy Ambulance - Step Up (Graham Massey Remix)             
20. Sweet Trip - Noise Is a Social Skill (V.0.8)         
21. Entre Rios - Lima (Live En Santiago Chile)         
22. Manual, Syntaks - Bayside Drive              
23. Crispy Ambulance - Open Gates of Fire

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