Underground Lovers - Cold Feeling

Underground Lovers
(UL02: 731788460112/UL02B: 731788460112)

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Available in two variants: Limited edition clear vinyl LP and limited edition white vinyl LP.

Original release date: 1/31/1999.

Underground Lovers sixth album Cold Feeling is available on vinyl for the first time. 

Cold Feeling was originally released in 1999 on CD only and was a deeper exploration of a dreamy pop sound that floats ethereally throughout the album.

The album represented a subtle shift to electronica and featured minor contributions from The Paradise Motel’s Mérida Sussex, and ex-Triffids pedal steel guitarist Graham Lee, among other Melburnian indie musicians. Drum machines and synths feature strongly, adding a delicate and subtle edge to the signature underground lovers sound.

Track list:

A Side:
A1. Cold Feeling
A2. You Put Me In Your Movie
A3. A Fool’s Song
A4. Excerpt From A Winter’s Day
A5. Towards The Skies

B Side:
B1. Infinite Finite
B2. Feels So Good To Be Free
B3. Worrier God

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