Underground Lovers - Cold Feeling   [PREORDER]

Underground Lovers
(UL02: 731788460112/UL02B: 731788460112)

Release date: 8/25/2023
Original release date: 1/31/1999

Available in two variants: Limited edition clear vinyl LP and limited edition white vinyl LP.

Underground Lovers sixth album Cold Feeling is available on vinyl for the first time. 

Cold Feeling was originally released in 1999 on CD only and was a deeper exploration of a dreamy pop sound that floats ethereally throughout the album.

The album represented a subtle shift to electronica and featured minor contributions from The Paradise Motel’s Mérida Sussex, and ex-Triffids pedal steel guitarist Graham Lee, among other Melburnian indie musicians. Drum machines and synths feature strongly, adding a delicate and subtle edge to the signature underground lovers sound.

Track list:

A Side:
A1. Cold Feeling
A2. You Put Me In Your Movie
A3. A Fool’s Song
A4. Excerpt From A Winter’s Day
A5. Towards The Skies

B Side:
B1. Infinite Finite
B2. Feels So Good To Be Free
B3. Worrier God

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