Trembling Blue Stars - Beautiful Blank

(ELE255: 8428846402550)

White vinyl. Limited.

1. Beautiful Blank (Radio Edit)
2. Say Goodbye To The Sea II
After the release of "The last holy writer" (the sixth album by TREMBLING BLUE STARS), the stand alone "Exploring the shadows" EP has also a 7-inch counterpart, a luxuriant white vinyl 7-inch featuring two splendid songs.
The lead song, the sunny and melodic "Beautiful blank", is sung by Beth Arzy. In the form of an infectious, radio-friendly guitar pop song, it tells of an Edie Sedgwick-esque character and is titled after a phrase in Andy Warhol's book "From A To B". The version on the single is a special radio edit, which by being a bit shorter also guarantees a better fidelity in the sound you can hear from the vinyl.
The single is complete with a new previously unreleased B-side, "Say goodbye to the sea II", a new acoustic version of the song first featured on the last album.

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