Tears Run Rings - In Surges

Deep Space Recordings
(DS010-1: 766150396478)

1. Happiness 6 2. Belly Up 3. Things Have Changed 4. Part of the Glass 5. Green Lakes 6. Broken 7. Destroyer 8. Something You Can't Hide 9. Sine Wave Sleep 10. Happiness 7

Tears Run Rings is a long-distance relationship. In another life, these old friends were in the breezy, mid-90's indiepop combo The Autocollants, and founded the renowned indie label Shelflife Records. Now, separated by the cities of Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, they collaborate through the magic of the internet. The band records in 3 separate studios, transferring tracks back and forth over the wires until they are perfect. In Surges, their third album, second for Deep Space Recordings, has been six years in the making. Over that time span, the band met up on several occasions to write, record, and mix the album together, in between starting families and recording separately. Full of lush guitars, haunting melodies, and layered, shimmering vocals, In Surges picks up where Distance left off.

• The track "Mind the Wires" is featured in the Gregg Araki's (The Doom Generation, Mysterious Skin) film KABOOM
• Ed and Laura live in Portland, Matthew in San Francisco, and Dwayne lives in LA.
• The band writes their songs mainly by sharing tracks over the internet. They record in 3 separate studios.
• Tears Run Rings has three previous releases to date: A Question and an Answer EP (2007), Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never (2008), and Distance (2010).
• Dwayne, Laura, and Ed began working together in the 1990s in the twee-pop outfit The Autocollants.
• Tears Run Rings was born out of an Autocollants reunion show in 2005. Matthew joined on vocals & guitar one year later.
• Matthew & Ed also run Shelflife Records. Ed and Laura are married.
* The album’s title, In Surges, came from the band’s sporadic recording timeline which was peppered with major life events.
* In Surges was influenced by the coldness and indifference of our world.

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