Spotlight Kid - Disaster Tourist (Deluxe Edition)

Saint Marie
(SMR018: 707541502191)
Release date: 11/13/2012
Genre: Shoegaze

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1. Plan Comes Apart 2. All Is Real 3. April 4. Creeps 5. Creeps Interlude 6. Forget Yourself in Me 7. Freefall 8. Cold Steel Rain 9. Haunting Me 10. Lifeline 11. Pulled Apart By Horses 12. There's a Reason Why 13. Psalm 107 14. Haunting Me (Live - BBC 6 Music) 15. Forget Yourself in Me (Live - Fisher Lane Session) 16. Don't You Forget About Me

Spotlight Kid continue their assault against sonic mediocrity with an assuredness and an emotional depth so many guitar bands are currently lacking.

This is the sound of a band rising to the top of their game, while wearing their hearts on their sleeves and performing live shows like their next meal depends on it. Influences from the likes of The Cure, Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine have allowed Spotlight Kid to produce a heady mix that runs through the entire gamut of emotions.

The new album moves from the brittle melodic "Haunting Me", a towering epic, underpinned by hopeless romantic loss, before plunging without warning headlong into the Mary Chainesque two-minute punk blast "Plan Comes Apart," providing a marvelous wake-up call to the senses. This is exactly what the album is about. You're in the arms of your lover one minute and then cast into a dark void the next.

Spotlight Kid's music features mixtures of Shoegaze, Krautrock and 90s Psychedelia. Fuzzy guitars wrapped in layers of reverb and boy/girl vocals subtly building on the layered walls of distortion. In the last year Spotlight Kid have supported The Joy Formidable on their UK sell out tour, and were chosen by BBC introducing to play at the 2011 Glastonbury and have been play-listed on Radio 1 as well as numerous plays on 6music and XFM.

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