Rothkamm - Alt

(karu015: 3770002157152)

He cultivates enigmas. He leaves no one cold. He could be the next genius the right-thinking avant-garde will be late to discover. He is Rothkamm, but his friends call him Frank Rothkamm. This composer, philosopher, and conceptual artist can turn music (electronic and otherwise) into thought territory, an abstract playground, or even a smoke screen. So what about ALT? Don’t be surprised to be surprised: this particular album features quite accessible ambient electronic music. This work is less microtonal than Rothkamm’s previous similar pieces, more immersive, but just as fascinating, and fans of Scanner and Biosphere will take a shine to it.


01. AAA 04:40
02. GUI 02:59
03. RED 07:44
04. SUN 03:00
05. LOW 00:59
06. MID 04:30
07. RND 01:22
08. OOO 03:33
09. DEC 01:05
10. CON 09:49

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