Rocketship - Thanks to You

(DRL345-1: 708527034507/DRL345-2: 708527034521/DRL345-4: /DRL345-3: )
Release date: 10/11/2019
Genre: Rock, Electronic, Shoegaze, Indiepop

Clear vinyl LP in gatefold jacket with download limited to 500. CD in digipak. Download goes to your email immediately when you order CD or LP. 

Darla Records is proud to offer a new record from Dusty Reske's Rocketship, California's most venerable indiepop prodigy.

Psychedelic, sugary, blissed-out, orgasmic, pop music.

1. Under Streetlights Shadows
2. Nothing Deep Inside
3. I Just Can't Get Enough of You
4. A Terrible Fix
5. Outer Otherness
6. What's the Use of Books
7. Broken Musicbox
8. Milk-Aisle Smiles
9. City Fair
10. I Don't Know Why I Still Love You

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