Revenge - No Pain No Gain: Live 1991

(LTM2413: 5024545315929)
Release date: 1991
Genre: Electronic, Rock

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No Pain No Gain is live album by Revenge, the electro/hard rock hybrid fronted by Peter Hook of Joy Division/Nerw Order between 1989 and 1992.

The set captures the band at their live peak in 1991. The first 8 tracks are an entire performance at Manchester's Cities in the Park festival in August 1991. The remainder is culled from a show in Kawasaki, Japan, several months later. In addition to high-octane versions of Revenge originals such as Slave, State Of Shock and Jesus I Love You, the album includes storming covers of Dreams Never End (New Order), White Light/White Heat (Velvet Underground) and Citadel (Rolling Stones).

All tracks are digitally mastered. Sleevenotes by New Order biographer Claude Flowers, including a new interview with Peter Hook.


1. Intro Jam
2. Jesus, I Love You
3. Slave
4. Deadbeat
5. Bleachman
6. Cloud 9
7. State of Shock
8. Dreams Never End
9. 7 Reasons
10. The Trouble With Girls
11. Citadel
12. Kiss the Chrome
13. Pineapple Face
14. White Light/White Heat

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