Ponies In The Surf - See You Happy

(DRL192: 708527019221)

Ponies In The Surf are quietly one of a kind.  Siblings and indie music aficionados Alex & Camile live in Cambridge, MA though they’re originally from Bogota, Colombia.  The Ponies make pan-American pop songs with elements Samba, Beatles and the more sophisticated folk set.  They're Pop Vocal traditionalists and very much akin to The Violent Femmes and Johnathan Richman in terms of song craft, subtle humor and vulnerability.  The Ponies' work is uniquely comforting and highly addictive.  It is served with a rare passion and grace.  It evokes nostalgia while remaining firmly planted in its own special, almost timeless place.  These are simply great songs. 

The first 1000 copies of See You Happy CD come with a limited edition bonus CD, entitled Noche Noche, featuring Ponies in The Surf covering six favorite all-time classics Ponies style plus two demos.

1. 16a, 2. Walkin' In The City, 3. Sweet & Low, 4. My Crack-Up, 5. Another Mind, 6. Bad Crowd, 7. What's In a Smile, 8. See You Happy, 9. Holes In The Walls, 10. Ventricle, 11. Out-There Friends, 12. Once In A While, 13. Johnny Rebel, 14. Joao, 15. Te Extraño Tanto, 16. Nothing to Lose, 17. Poor Jenny, 18. Heaven, 19. Te Extraño Tanto #2, 20. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes, 21. Another Mind (Demo., 22. Holes in the Walls #2

"After playing in rock bands for some time, Alexander McGregor decided at some point that he simply wanted to make some music that could even appeal to his grandmother. Joined by his sister Camille, the duo plays stripped-down folkish type music that sounds like it could have been created at any point in the past 40 years yet still feels fresh." --ALMOST COOL.

"These powerfully quiet traditionalists perform folk songs with a pan-American touch. It's only a shame that music this delicate and warm doesn't garner more notice." --POPMATTERS

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