Piano Magic - Writers Without Homes

Second Language
(SL043LP: 5052442020110)

Thanks to Glen Piano Magic for sending us the last 52 new copies of this limited edition of 500 LP released in 2021. 

Writers Without Homes is the sixth album by Piano Magic. Track 7, Crown of the Lost, features vocals by Vashti Bunyan, her first vocal work since 1970.

1. (Music Won't Save You From Anything But) Silence
2. Postal
3. Modern Jupiter
4. 1.30
5. The Season Is Long
6. Certainty
7. Crown Of The Lost
8. It's The Same Dream That Lasts All Night
9. Dutch Housing
10. Already Ghosts
11. Shot Through The Fog

Originally released in CD only format on the legendary 4AD Records in 2002, this album is re-issued here for the first time on vinyl on the Second Language Music label. This post-rock classic by the Anglo-French band, Piano Magic, is notable not only for featuring the first recording in 30 years by long-lost "freak folk" doyenne, Vashti Bunyan but also an early appearance by John Grant who, of course, went on to much bigger things. There are further guest appearances by the German electronic duo, Tarwater, Robert Johnston from Glaswegian arch-rock band, Life Without Buildings, Charlotte Marionneau of Le Volume Courbe, Paul Anderson of Tram and Suzy Mangion.The album artwork has been completely redesigned for this release.

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