Peyton Pinkerton - Rapid Cycler

(DRL321-2: 708527032121)
Release date: 11/11/2016
Genre: Rock, Indie Rock

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Darla Records is pleased to offer the second solo album, Rapid Cycler, from renowned indie guitarist/songwriter Peyton Pinkerton (New Radiant Storm King, Silver Jews, Pernice Brothers).
Peyton expresses an angular, hook-filled, heartfelt six-string dexterity through his tunings, timings, textures, effects and arrangements—stamped with a rarefied and charismatic sonic intuition. In Peyton's guitar work, you can hear influences from the likes of Keith Levine, John McGeoch, Geordie Walker and Will Sergeant, all integrated into his own distinctive sound. At times his songs evoke the musings of Wire, APB, early Talking Heads, Magazine and Gang of Four—just to name a few.
Peyton Pinkerton began to establish his songwriting skills and recognizable guitar sound in 1990 with New Radiant Storm King. NRSK recorded nine albums and several 7" singles from 1990-2008. They also frequently played live with many of their contemporaries including Guided By Voices, Grifters, Pavement and Sebadoh. They even opened for Nirvana well before Nevermind's release hit the big time. In the interim, Peyton has recorded and toured with literary underground heroes Silver Jews (Drag City) and Joe Pernice's pop ensemble Pernice Brothers (Sub Pop/Ashmont Records).
Peyton lives in Western Massachusetts and has maintained his relationship with studio guru Mark Alan Miller who he has worked with since 1990. Drummer J.J. O'Connell (the only other musician to appear on Rapid Cycler) has been recording with Peyton since 2004. Peyton also engineers and produces records for developing solo artists, often playing most of the instruments himself.

1. Bender
2. Lips & Lungs
3. Baseline
4. Placement
5. Rapid Cycler
6. Gunning For
7. Letter to K.C.
8. Pool
9. Uncivil Servant
10. Goodnight Sun

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