Peyton Pinkerton - Ex Tomorrow

(DRL344: 708527034422/DRL344-4/DRL344-3)
Release date: 7/12/2019
Genre: Indie Rock

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Darla Records is pleased to present Ex Tomorrow, the third solo album from accomplished guitarist/songwriter Peyton Pinkerton, formerly of New Radiant Storm King, Silver Jews, and Pernice Brothers.
Ex Tomorrow is sonically heavier than Peyton’s two previous albums though just as melodic, layering propulsive riffs with lush harmonies. His angular, atmospheric, and dynamic arrangements are as satisfyingly present as ever. Paired with thoughtfully nuanced, dark-yet-realistic lyrical perspectives, Ex Tomorrow reflects on the perils we all face living in 2019. And you can still dance to it.
Peyton lives in western Massachusetts where he writes and records in his home studio. He continues to collaborate with long-time engineer/producer Mark Alan Miller. Powerhouse drummer/vocalist J.J. O'Connell delivers driving percussion as he has on Peyton’s previous two solo endeavors. Joining them for the first time is bassist/vocalist Marc Seedorf, who lends his musical prowess to Ex Tomorrow.
“An inventive, well-traveled, and respected guitar player, Peyton Pinkerton is best known for his idiosyncratic six-string work, which relies heavily on alternate tunings and mellifluous ambient textures...” – James Christopher Monger, AllMusic

1. Wake
2. Plans
3. Page Turner
4. Ex Tomorrow
5.  Cutthroat
6. Program
7. Course to Be
8. White Rhino
9. What is Known
10. So Low
11. Gretna Green

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