Orange Cake Mix - More Mellow Hits

(ELE1007: )

1. Girl On The Film
2. Faithful
3. Melanie Knows Why
4. Goodbye Why
5. Glitter Daze
6. If You Were Here
7. Like The Sun
8. As Days Go By
9. We Went To Graceland
10. Fall From Grace
11. Anticipation
12. Before The Summer Fades Away
13. Transcendental Airways
ORANGE CAKE MIX is the name behind which a lonely character is hidden, Jim Rao, who, armed with his guitar, his all kind of keyboards and his wide arsenal of percussion instruments has got to give a shape to a really fascinating musical adventure. Since 1992, ORANGE CAKE MIX has published several songs in cassettes and compilation Cd's from all over the world (Germany, Japan, USA), as well as a single ("Rivers and Trees") on the prestigious American label Bus Stop (the one that gave to know to the world bands of the like of VELVET CRUSH, EGGPLANT or GODSTAR).
"More Mellow Hits" is his debut in the Lp format and on it, Jim has proved being able of combining beautiful semiacoustic compositions, romantic pop in the 60's style ("Trascendental Airways") and even hypnotic almost dance tracks ("Like The Sun"), all this under the watching look of some of his heroes like THE BYRDS, SIMON & GARFUNKEL, Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Todd Rundgren.
Warm and touching, fresh and contagious, the first album of our orchestra-man was recorded in a rush in a homely four-tracks with a multieffects and few things else. Sure he's never got a band and has never played live, all this meaning that we're talking of a private record, homemade, introspective, filled with moving songs and bittersweet smiles. He likes to define the results as "music for the soundtrack of an invisible film" and someday he'd like to record with a chords quartet. That is his dream. As well as ours.
Recently, ORANGE CAKE MIX have recorded a new CD through Black Bean Records, and a split single with British post-rockers FÜXA (who use to work with Ché Records), all this previous to their forthcoming second album on Elefant Records.

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