Orange Cake Mix - Blue Island Sound

(ELE1034: 8428846210346)

1. Deeper Inside
2. Honeybee
3. Walls And Doorways
4. Wonder Ways
5. When I Needed You Most
6. The Days Of Cherry Red
7. When You Touch Me The Whole World Disappears
8. Art Groupie
9. Godlight
10. Can't Buy A Miracle
11. Stars In The Sky
12. Why Think About Tomorrow
13. Now I'm Not Afraid To Say I Love You Anymore
Second album by this American one-man-band. Jim Rao writes emotional pop songs, most of which talk about love and relationships, so close to Paul McCartney and Paul Simon as to Todd Rundgren or DEPECHE MODE. As long as he can move the listener, he doesn’t mind to play guitar pop with nice harmonies or synth pop... with nice harmonies, of course.

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