Orange Cake Mix - Another Orange World

(DRL047: 708527004722)
Release date: 09/26/1997
Genre: Electronic, Indiepop

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Another Orange World is the result of our taking the best of Jim Rao's recordings from 16 tapes over a six month period. Jim is the most prolific artist I have ever encountered, with 6 full length cds out this year already. We haven't been the only label to whom he has been sending material. Luckily, Darla Records gets first pick. Another Orange World is more smooth and sophisticated than anything since Astrud Gilberto or Walter Wanderly. It's laid-back yet it grooves like a classic Motown summer hit and is as hypnotic and emotional early as New Order was during that post Ian period when they first ventured more electronic. Jim is a pop artist who is moving more into the electronic medium, blending influences which are diverse and recognizable. This cake is fresh!

1. Your Favorite Coffee Shop
2. Heaven Is Rising
3. Remember the Summer
4. Waves in Space
5. And I Feel It Coming On
6. Another Wave
7. Krishna Vision 3
8. Still Falling Star
9. Get It Together Now
10. Jai Guru Dev 2
11. Invisible Cosmic Rays
12. Waiting for Another Light (To Shine on Me)
13. In the Groove of Your Romantic Soul

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