Onward Chariots - Save me Maryann

(ELE281: 8428846402819)

After the first two releases from our new singles collection, PAPA TOPO and GUATAFÁN, sold out in just weeks, we’ve now got a new and anticipated batch of releases, with three, limited edition, color-vinyl singles.  First, we have two new examples of the best pop made in this country, ZIPPER and BAND À PART, and second we have the first foreign release of the collection from the New Yorkers, ONWARD CHARIOTS, with songs that share the energy of TEENAGE FANCLUB, the elegance of CAMERA OBSCURA and the melodies of THE BEACH BOYS.

All of the singles from the “New Adventures in Pop” collection are released as 500-print limited editions on color vinyl.

Class is something that can be difficult to come by in music these days.  That this class also comes in a package with spot-on, even prodigious, melodies, and an overpowering personality is something close to a miracle.  So it’s not strange that the North American blogs are all buzzing.  The thing is that we couldn’t have anything less to offer for our first foreign release in the New Adventures in Pop collection. The New York quartet (previously CHARIOTS OF TUNA) play a beyond-perfect pop at its finest, with a luminous energy inherited directly from TEENAGE FANCLUB, with the crystalline guitars of THE LA’s and the vocal precision of THE BEACH BOYS, as you can hear on marvels like “Save Me Maryann” and “A New Beginning”. One of those hidden gems that will soon be the talk of the town, and what was one of the biggest discoveries at the last edition of the festival that no fan of pop should ever miss, the Indietracks Festival.

01. Save me Maryann
02. A new beginning
03. War hero
04. Air

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