Northern Portrait - Life Returns To Normal

(MR076: 708527607619)

Life Returns To Normal
Some People

Elegant first vinyl release from popular Danish quartet Northern Portrait!

Lead track ‘Life Returns To Normal’ originally featured on the band’s smash debut album ‘Criminal Art Lovers’ earlier this year and is presented here in a newly remastered version perfect for spinning at 45 rpm. The lush guitar track about Volvo Estate cars is arguably one of the band’s finest moments to date and practically begs for repeat plays.

Exclusive b-side ‘Some People’ is a cover version of a song made popular by Sir Cliff Richard back in 1987. The Northern Portrait interpretation strips the original of its excess 1980’s gloss and reveals a modern and unique take on an unexpected pop song. You’ll be singing it for days!

The single is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies pressed on stylish ultra clear vinyl and comes with a free MP3 download code. Single of the week indeed!

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