Newcleus - Space Is The Place

Jam-On Recordings
(JORCD0043: 708527026823)
Release date: 1985
Genre: Hip Hop, Electro

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This reissue of the acclaimed second album from true Hip-Hop and Electro Funk pioneers Newcleus sounds even better than it did when it was first released! The original album is presented in its entirety and digitally re-mastered to sonic perfection! In addition, included as a bonus track is the 12inch version of "Na Na Beat", the last authentic Newcleus release of the era. Also, the 12 Track Definitive Version of "Why", which contains the original instrumentation of that song as originally arranged and recorded by the group. Finally the release is rounded out with the 12inch Dub version of "Let's Jam", which showcases the outstanding musical arrangement and instrumentation of that song and is being made available for release for the first time since the original 12inch. If you're a Newcleus fan, Hip-Hop fan, Electro fan, or just a music fan, Jam-On Productions' reissue of Newcleus' Space Is The Place is a must-have!!!

1. Space is the Place
2. Why    
3. Let's Jam    
4. Make it Live
5. Cyborg Dance    
6. I Wanna Be a B-Boy    
7. Teknology
8. Na Na Beat     
9. Why (12 Track)
10. Let's Jam (12 Inch Dub)

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