Nature Set - Enough Is Enough

(ELE290: 8428846402901)

Limited edition of 500. Orange vinyl.

Elefant Records is thrilled to introduce, through our New Adventures in Pop Collection, NATURE SET, the new project from Reenie Hollis, bassist of THE LONG BLONDES. They are a punk-pop quartet risen from the ashes of NAVVY (Daf, Marie and Claire, the rest of NATURE SET, come from there), with the intention of spreading the festive spirit of the B-52’s but with a more anarchic perspective and a clear philosophy: “to songwrite by committee and pass the mic”.

Reenie (Bass and vocals), Daf (Guitar y vocals), Marie (Drums and vocals) and Claire (Synthesizers and vocals), recorded this EP in Sheffield in Alan Smyth’s 2fly studios (PULP, ARCTIC MONKEYS, RICHARD HAWLEY...).

The EP is full of rough, frenetic guitars, as you can hear on the title track “Enough Is Enough”, and it is overflowing with the same electricity and that youthful urgency the early KAISER CHIEFS had and THE RAMONES had throughout their career as a group. “You or Nobody” enjoys a poppier air, but with an underlying post-punk rhythm and marvellous choruses. “At Least Not Today” is more excessively energetic, with a hyper-addictive melody, a synthesizer line that pushes you onto the dance floor, and a pop-punk attitude that reminds us of ECHOBELLY, BLONDIE, and those Californians, ROCKET. Finally, “The Engineer” throws itself headfirst into post-punk, the darkest song on the album, but with the same level of addiction.

When attitude is the most important, when the band as a whole is looking in one direction and pushing ahead with all its might, when life overflows from every bone in your body and you need to scream with the world… It’s just a matter of nature.

TRACKLIST: 01. Enough Is Enough 02. You Or Nobody 03. At Least Not Today 04. The Engineer

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