Naomi Berrill - To the Sky

Ethnorth Gallery
(ETH04: 4560267294209)
Release date: 6/14/2019
Genre: Classical, Jazz

The second album of Irish singer and cellist Naomi Berrill who is currently based in Florence, Italy. Following the success of her first release ‘From the Ground’, this second project consists of 10 original compositions by Naomi and is a collaboration with the prestigious publishing company Sonzogno from Milan.‘To The Sky’ is the second step in Naomi’s ‘Elements’ project. Here the focus and inspiration for the music is Water. Stories of seamen, lighthouse keepers and far away lands are woven among her ethereal vocals, subtle harmonies and acoustic imagery. Underlying all is a subtle environmental message with hope for the future. Naomi’s work had been influenced by the musical atmosphere she grew up in, the various places she has lived and studied, (from Glasgow to Basel) and her work in classical, folk and jazz styles. Using cello as an accompaniment to her voice she has developed instrumental techniques which are unique to her compositional style and originate from various musical genres. Alongside Naomi’s voice and cello, we hear her guitar and concertina playing and on various tracks she has collaborated with fellow musicians: Simone Graziano on piano, and her brothers Matthew on clarinet and Peter on trumpet. In the run up to the launch of this album Naomi has released a series of videos (HandMadeMusic) which feature live performances of selected new works in various artisan workshops in Florence. These videos combine Naomi’s compositional craft with local Tuscan skills. This Japanese version includes a bonus track (track 11) which uses meditation balls written by Naomi under which represents the conversation between Jimi Hendrix and her mother.


Naomi Berrill is an Irish cello player and singer. She is currently based in Florence where she works as a freelance musician. Following her classical studies Naomi developed a solo project for cello and voice. She has collaborated with cellists Mario Brunello and Giovanni Sollima, New York City Ballet, the Irish contemporary Crash Ensemble, writer Stefano Benni, and choreographer Virgilio Sieni (director of Biennale Danza in Venice). Naomi’s first solo album of arrangements for voice and cello ‘From the Ground’ was released in January 2015 in collaboration with Musicamorfosi and has been re-released in 2017 in Japan under the label Nature Bliss. ‘From the Ground’ has been selected as album of the week for Rai Radio 3 (Italian national radio). Her latest album, ‘To The Sky’ has been presented at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and is a collaboration with the Milan publishers ‘Casa Musicale Sonzogno’. She has recorded and performed at many Italian Jazz Festivals with the Jazz ensemble ‘Purple Whales’ and as a duo with jazz pianist Simone Graziano. As a soloist she has been invited to collaborate and perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spoleto Festival, Venice Biennale, the Uffizi Galleries, Galway Jazz Festival, ‘Spike’ Cello Festival in Dublin, Irish folk festivals in Italy and Ireland, Sollim+’s 100 Cellos, M+rio Brunello’s venue ‘Antiruggine’, and classical music seasons including ‘Music for Galway’ and ‘Amici della Musica Mestre’. Over the last few years Naomi has used her music alongside other art forms. These include original compositions for choreographer Virgilio Sieni, recordings for Ocarina – a music player for children, and collaborations with UNHCR on a campaign for homeless refugee children. She is artistic director of the festival ‘High Notes’. A multi-genre music festival which she founded in 2010, which takes place each year in the Apuane Alps.

1. Lady Lighthouse 2. Sparkling Sea 3. Journey 4. Evaporate 5. Lullaby 6. Little Leaf 7. Still Life Snow 8. With the Wind 9. Ogni Cosa 10. Northern Shorelines 11. Lucille*

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