My Darling You! - A Dream Come True

(matcd087: 195269048747)

Release date: 12/11/2020.

Swedish duo My Darling YOU! are masters of short, shouty, energetic pop songs combining guitars, keyboards, and percussion with handsome melodies and ace vocals. The band—comprised of Klas Hermansson and Christoffer Johansson—formed in 2004 and released ten singles over an eight-year period, beginning with a series of self-released gems and building to a stunning run of releases on the hip Luxury Records label.

‘A Dream Come True’ collects 20 highlights from these long sold-out singles into a cohesive and impressive album that hopefully provides the band with a larger audience than the original Swedish-only releases allowed. The songs on the album revolve around typical twenty-something transgressions including drinking, smoking, and relationship mishaps, but tales of noisy neighbors, late night dancing, rainy nights, bar fights, disco lights, taxi kisses, drunk dialing, heartbreak, antidepressants, popstars, and marriage proposals are also fair game.

The album perfectly captures the band’s shambolic energy and punk rock attitude in 38 minutes that will have you reaching for the repeat button straightaway.  We’ve heard rumors there may be new My Darling YOU! recordings on the horizon, so catch up on their back story now so you are prepared for the next chapter.

1. We Break Up On Friday
2. The Youthful Feelings Taken To The End
3. Flaming Dread
4. Prince John Silver & Gold
5. It’s Not Nice To Be Alone In The Fall
6. Please Don’t Talk To Me I Fall In Love So Easily
7. Dressed4Success
8. The Best Days Of Our Lives
9. Bad Times Are On
10. A Girl In A Bar!!
11. Hungry & Alone
12. Everything, Allright?
13. A Teenager Told Me: Be Careful
14. More Than You Thought I Was Capable Of
15. Cigarettes and Peoplesbeer
16. Thanks For Letting Me Stay
17. Did You Hear The Neighbours?
18. Taxi Driver
19. Glory Days
20. Silent

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