Michael Nyman - Retrospectiva

Independent Recordings
(CDFL1673: 7509841316736)
Release date:
Genre: Modern Classical

The definite collection of the best from the classic and iconic repertoire from British composer, Michael Nyaman, with 13 pieces that summarize a musical universe including his works for cinema; the most celebrated and outstanding by both worlds: the musical and the movies. Mostly those composed for the movie director Peter Greenaway. Sonic passages evoke certain eras revisited by Nyman, but this selection is a celebration of his highest contributions to contemporary classical music.

1. Rochester´s Farewell
from The Libertine
2. Time Lapse
from A Zed & Two Noughts
3. Queen Of The Night
from The Draughtsman's Contract
4. An Eye for Optical Theory
from The Draughtsman's Contract
5. In Re Don Giovanni
from In Mozart 252
6. Wheelbarrow Walk
from Drowning by Numbers
7. Knowing The Ropes
from In Mozart 252
8. Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds
from The Draughtsman's Contract
9. Miranda

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