Melorman - Somewhere, Someday

Sun Sea Sky Productions
(SSS071: 859719548583)

Sun Sea Sky Productions is proud to announce the release of Melorman’s “Somewhere, Someday” limited vinyl LP, the artist’s first release since his 2013 album “Waves” was met with critical praise from Echoes, Igloo, Textura, Headphone Commute and more. For this release, the Grecian artist draws on narrative over nostalgia, and takes the listener on a pleasant and seemingly innocuous journey ensconced in calmness, drifting rhythms and subdued vocal strands. Fans of The Album Leaf, Tycho, BoC, Geotic, Herrmann & Kleine, and Port-Royal will gravitate towards the chilled, downbeat, delicate and sun-kissed electronica that marks this release.
1. Your Half Shadow
2. Hands Of Time
3. Reaching The Sky
4. Closer
5. Somewhere, Someday
6. Forgotten Places
7. The Dusk And You
8. We’ll Be Together One Day Dancing In The Waves
9. November Story
10. Breath

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