Mari Jürjens - 27

(pana024: 4560267293332)
Release date: 6/14/2019
Genre: Estonian folk music

“27” is the third album by the Estonian singer and songwriter Mari Jürjens which was originally self-released in 2016. “27” was her age at the time of the recording. Comparing to her highly acclaimed album “22” (also recorded when she was 22), her vocals and compositions sounds rich and mature maybe because of the background of this album which she recalls; ‘When I became a mother, there were so many new feelings I didn't know before. I wasn't a child anymore, but yet I couldn't see myself as a grown-up. I knew that everything had changed. When does childhood end and when do we grow up? Album "27" is dedicated to my children, to my family and to my own childhood! ‘

“27” is an album full of heartfelt moments, and the type of album that you wish to keep it on your bookshelf for a long period of time. The Japanese version features a bonus track at the end, wish a new cover for the CD version.


Mari Jürjens (b.1988) formerly known as Mari Pokinen) is a singer and songwriter based in Tallinn, Estonia. She was born in Tartu in 1988. Jürjens has also received a musical education. In 2003 she attended Ülenurme Muusikakool, where she studied violin. She has sung in a number of choirs, spending the longest time with the Estonian Youth Mixed Choir. Jürjens also has participated in singing competitions; in 2004 she won second place in the Võruvisioon competition with the song Olematu sina. Since then, Jürjens has been writing more songs, starting with her 2010 debut album "22", and releasing a second album "Maa saab taevani" in 2013. Her song "Kord saan" include in the film Kertu released in 2013. In addition, she has participated in violin competitions.

1. Kaks Kõverat Puud 2. Keha 3. Tuhat Elu 4. Kadakas Ja Neiu 5. Kuues Kevade 6. Lapsepõlve Valss 7. Nüüd Ja Igavesti 8. Enne Und 9. Koolilapse Töö 10. Kiigume 11. Viin Sind 12. Kummardus 13. Ei kiigu (bonus track)

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