Ludus - Nue Au Soleil

Les Disques du Crepuscule
(TWI340: 708527031155)

Nue Au Soleil (Completement) is a 2xCD anthology by post-punk pioneers Ludus, featuring vocalist Linder Sterling and guitarist Ian Devine.
Formed in Manchester in 1978, Ludus signed with Buzzcocks’ label New Hormones for a string of bold singles (Mother’s Hour, My Cherry Is In Sherry) and fearless albums (The Seduction, Danger Came Smiling), before a shift towards subversive pop for Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1982. ‘People who know real genius will love this record,’ wrote early fan Morrissey. ‘Ludus are sound psychology for the modern clientele.’
Disc 1 of this remastered collection includes key singles, EPs and album tracks, as well as I Don’t Want To Go, a previously unreleased demo from October 1978 featuring original guitarist Arthur Kadmon. The disc closes with Recognition, a more recent collaboration between Linder and Ian recorded in 2001.
Disc 2 features a unique John Peel session from August 1982, consisting four songs not studio recorded by Ludus elsewhere. The remainder of the disc is a professionally recorded live set taped on 5 November 1982 at the celebrated Hacienda club in Manchester, at which Linder modelled the infamous ‘meat dress’ later revisited by Lady Gaga.
Cover art by Benoit Hennebert. 6 panel digipack plus 12 page booklet featuring archive images and detailed liner notes.
Disc 1
1. How High Does the Sky Go?
2. My Cherry Is in Sherry
3. Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go
4. Howling Comique
5. Nue au Soleil
6. She-She
7. What a Falling Off Was There
8. The Escape Artist
9. Breaking the Rules
10. The Fool
11. See the Keyhole
12. Mother’s Hour
13. I Can’t Swim I Have Nightmares
14. Hugo Blanco
15. Little Girls
16. I Don’t Want To Go
17. Rosa Luxemburg
18. Recognition
Disc 2
1. Vagina Gratitude (Peel)
2. Covenant (Peel)
3. Wrapped In Silence (Peel)
4. Too Hot to Handle (Peel)
5. Breaking the Rules (live)
6. Mirror Mirror (live)
7. Nue au Soleil (live)
8. Wrapped In Silence (live)
9. Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go (live)
10. Little Girls (live)
11. Too Hot to Handle (live)

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