Lucksmiths, The - Unfamiliar Stars

(matdvd058: 884501451697)

  1. A Hiccup in Your Happiness
  2. Good Light
  3. A Downside to the Upstairs
  4. Synchronised Sinking
  5. Myopic Friends
  6. Camera-shy
  7. Stayaway Stars
  8. Untidy Towns
  9. The Golden Age of Aviation
  10. Take This Lying Down
  11. Successlessness
  12. Great Lengths
  13. Song of the Undersea
  14. Under the Rotunda
  15. Requiem For the Punters Club
  16. Frisbee
  17. Macintyre
  18. Punchlines
  19. Weatherboard
  20. Broken Bones
  21. The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco
  22. Self-Preservation
  23. California in Popular Song
  24. Smokers in Love
  25. Fiction
  26. Caravann
  27. A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)
  28. Sunlight in a Jar
  29. T-Shirt Weather
  30. Midweek Midmorning
  31. The Great Dividing Range
  32. The Music Next Door
  33. The Year of Driving Languorously

Filmed at The Lucksmiths' August 2009 farewell show at Melbourne's Corner Hotel, ‘Unfamiliar Stars’ is both a captivating concert film and a definitive end-of-the-line document, standing tall among the best of the band's vast discography. Directed by Natalie van den Dungen (The Tote documentary), the film captures the final bittersweet airings of many Lucksmiths favorites as witnessed by a full-house of hometown fans, friends and family. Clocking in at a total of thirty-three songs, the swansong performance is the culmination of farewell tours across Europe and Australia, and finds the band in vintage form, cherry-picking pop gem after pop gem from their sixteen-year career and filling the gaps with a double-dose of irrepressible Lucksmiths repartee.

Rounding out the package, ‘Darkening Doorways’ is a short documentary of the band's final months and presents an intimate view of The Lucksmiths in rehearsal, in the recording studio and throughout their farewell tour.

Please note: this DVD is an all-regions disc in NTSC format. Our chums at the Lost And Lonesome Recording Company in Australia have pressed the DVD in PAL format, so please point your browser Lost and Lonesome-wards if your country uses PAL.

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