Lucksmiths, The - Get-To-Bed Birds

(MR077: 708527607718)

Get-To-Bed Birds
The World of Professional Golf 1994

Plucked fresh from the ether, here it is — the final offering of new Lucksmiths material! Released one-year posthumously, ‘Get-to-Bed Birds’ collects the last two songs the band scribed before hitting Splitsville. Both A and B-sides are non-album tracks, recorded especially for separate compilations: ‘Get-to-Bed Birds’ was originally featured on the ‘Matinée Grand Prix’ CD, while B-side ‘The World of Professional Golf 1994’ appeared on one edition of Australian literary journal The Lifted Brow's collections.

The title-track is a gem; drawn from the well of introspection occasioned by New Year's Eve, ‘Get-to-Bed Birds’ is a weary-eyed tale of a drunken wee-hours stumble through familiar streets. ‘The World of Professional Golf 1994’, meanwhile, is the wistful lament of a caffeinated couch-dweller's televised sports fixation. Unintentionally, the coupling of the two songs makes for a well-rounded summary, neatly pulling together some well-worn Lucksmiths themes (drinking/sports/revelry/pensiveness), and dishing them up attractively on one glorious, beautifully packaged piece of funeral black vinyl.

Having served sixteen years on the planet as a hard-working indiepop troupe, The Lucksmiths, through a coveted knack for turning the phrase and touching the heart, earned themselves a place alongside forebears The Go-Betweens in the annals of great literate Australian pop. 'Get-to-Bed Birds' is a superb coda to an illustrious career.

The 7” is a Matinée / Lost And Lonesome co-release and is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies with free MP3 download code.

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