Lucksmiths, The - Cartography for Beginners

(MRCD068: 888295024174)

Having started out as high school friends in a bayside suburb of Melbourne, Australia, the Lucksmiths trio were officially set on foot in 1993 and made short work of winning the hearts and livers of student share-houses the city over. Sixteen years and countless albums, world tours and one extra member later, the band called it a day. By this time, their reputation as one of the most influential indiepop acts of the past decade was assured.

With many Lucksmiths albums now long out of print, fans old and new can play catch-up with the new double-CD collection ‘Cartography For Beginners’ which traces the band's history from their legendary ‘First Tape’ through the final strains of their last posthumously-released single 'Get-To-Bed Birds.'

Featuring live favourites 'Under the Rotunda,' 'T-Shirt Weather' and 'Sunlight in a Jar' (and with the entire tracklist chosen by the band members themselves, of course!), ‘Cartography For Beginners’ is the final word in Lucksmiths mix tapes—the perfect jangly travel companion, the ideal soundtrack to a first kiss (in the rain), and certainly the mantle ornament of choice for any inner city share-house.

Available in a handsome six panel matte finish eco-wallet with vintage photographs and liner notes by Australian labelmate and frequent touring companion Darren Hanlon. 

1. Cat in Sunshine, 2. Weatherboard, 3. Tree, 4. Jewel Thieves, 5. Shine on Me, 6. Macintyre, 7. Frisbee, 8. Caravanna, 9. Under the Rotunda, 10. Guess How Much I Love You, 11. Smokers in Love, 12. The Golden Age of Aviation, 13. Untidy Towns, 14. The Art of Cooking for Two, 15. Southernmost, 16. A Downside to the Upstairs, 17. The Cassingle Revival, 18. T-Shirt Weather, 19. Synchronised Sinking, 20. The Great Dividing Range, 21. Self-Preservation, 22. The Year of Driving Languorously, 23. Camera-Shy, 24. Take This Lying Down, 25. Midweek Midmorning, 26. Stayaway Stars, 27. After the After Party, 28. A Hiccup in Your Happiness, 29. The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco, 30. Sunlight in a Jar, 31. Fiction, 32. The Town and the Hills, 33. A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed), 34. California in Popular Song, 35. Get-to-Bed Birds

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