Lo-Fi - Low Fidelity Sound Systems

(ELE1108: 8428846211084)

1. Lofi Theme 
2. Sueños Rotos 
3. Technostatic 1.0 
4. Para Siempre 
5. Vacaciones En El Mar 
6. Interferences 
7. Lo Intentaré 
8. Action Mademoiselles 
9. Mr. Bongo 
10. Las Nenas Del Mini 
11. Encontrarte
LOFI plays techno pop with a very special style; they sing in French, Spanish and Japanese, and their most obvious influences are Japanese bands such as PIZZICATO FIVE, FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE, CORNELIUS, TAKAKO MINEKAWA... and classic synth pop, from KRAFTWERK through THE HUMAN LEAGUE, OMD or PET SHOP BOYS to today’s avant-garde synthpop bands such as CONSOLE, BIS, FREEZEPOP, MOGUL, FANGORIA, ADD (N) TO X...
Classified by the musical press in the same wave as current European pop bands related to labels as Bungalow Records or Kitty-yo, they have managed to open a different space for themselves in which converge, in the form of pop songs, all their influences, polished with fantastic lyrics about all that worlds all of us have ever dreamt about, those in which robots and aliens fly on spectacular starships to conquer intimate and friendly worlds. Their sound makes us travel from the glorious European XXI century’s new wave, to the more glamorous French Riviera.
The band forms in September 2000 in Leon, being at first Roberto Paramio and Luis Melon. In October 2001 Marcia Edleditsch, joins as the singer, and Roberto Castan (GALACTICA), playing guitars, join them. They play their first gig in the "Otros Mundos Pop" festival in Leon, in April 2002. This festival is specialized in synth and electro pop bands.
In April 2002 they finish the recording of their first demo, which included four tracks: “Interferences”, “Para Siempre”, “Disco Kat Kung-Fu” and “Encontrarte”. Months later, Marcia Edleditsch and Luis Melon leave the band, and Vanesa Suarez joins as singer, completing the band’s formation together with Roberto Paramio y Roberto Castan.
In Autumn 2002 they play at the “Easy Weekend Festival” (Teruel), along with MODESTY BLAISE, OCTUBRE and GALACTICA; they play their first Madrid gig at the famous Ocho y Medio Club.
In November 2002 they begin the recording of their debut album “Low Fidelity Sound Systems” at Leon Feedback Studios. Contributors in the recordings: Mario Alvarez (COOPER) plays guitars and basses in two album tracks, Lucía (GALACTICA) main vocals in “Vacaciones en el mar” and Juan Marigorta (ZABRISKIE) plays sitar in “Action Madamoiselles”.
An essential album on all kinds of parties: you can play "Las Chicas del Mini" on a bash, visit your favourite club not losing the chance to dance frenzied with the tireless rhythm of "Tecnostatic" or "Encontrarte", and of course, calmed at home, in your stereo, enjoy "Low Fidelity Sound Systems" and those placid "Vacaciones en el Mar”.

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