Legendary House Cats, The - Greatest Blips, Vol.1

Usedbinpop Music
(UBP004: 715854708063/UBP004-3)
Release date: 10/16/2017
Genre: Indiepop, Electronic

1. Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise
2. Logic & Loss
3. Out Of Reach
4. King Grudge
5. Kind Words
6. Falling From So High (Remix)
7. Synesthesize (AM)
8. River
9. Himmel (Legendary House Cats Remix)
10. Keep Something (Remix)
11. Everything Is Chemical
12. This Time (Remix)
The Legendary House Cats is the current project of John Girgus, founder of Aberdeen (Sarah Records), former songwriter, singer, guitarist Languis (Shelflife), live, guest guitar work for Trembling Blue Stars (Elefant), produced recordings for The Luxembourg Signal debut, The City & Horses ("Youth"), Paper Pilots EP, Tennis System's "Technicolor Blind", and remixed for The Who, Gary Calamar, Skytone, and The Very Most.
"Greatest Blips, Vol.1" is the first collection of digital and streaming releases from John Girgus and The Legendary House Cats. 12 Original singles, covers, and remixes, over 55 minutes of music on one compact disc.

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