Lê Cát Trọng Lý - Lê Cát Trọng Lý

(pana025: 4560267293349)
Release date: 7/19/2019
Genre: Vietnamese folk music

Re-issue album of Lê Cát Trọng Lý's debut album which was produced when she was still 24 years old. After winning the grand prize of the Vietnam Song competition, she took 3 years to make this beautiful album with her friends Cao Hong Ha (guitar), Nguyen Nho Truong Sa (guitar solo), Dang Quoc Viet (piano). A masterpiece album with her evergreen voices and melodies accompanied by natural and simple sounds. Includes 1 bonus track for this Japanese edition.


Lê Cát Trọng Lý is Vietnamese singer, songwriter who was born on August 24, 1987 in Da Nang, Vietnam. She started composing music when she was 19 years old while studying at the Conservatory. In 2008, she participated a nation-wide songwriting competition called Vietnamese Song and won the highest award. She has previously released 5 albums: Le Cat Trong Ly (2011)Tuoi 25 (2013)Nhung ke mong mo - Dreamers (2015)Khong sao ve bat dau (2017)Chang the chia ra lam doi (2018) . Also she constantly performs live in Vietnam, and also played in foreign countries such as Norway, Bhutan and Mongolia. She is also known as a social activist, promoting ecological living lifestyles, sharing knowledge about public health with more than 1000 people including the children from mountainous and rural areas to the disabled, factory workers, farmers and patients.

1. Giấc mộng lớn
2. Mùa yêuz
3. Lúng ta lúng túng
4. Chênh vênh
5. Hương lạc
6. Chuyến xe
7. Không tên
8. Trời ơi
9. Cơn bão nghiêng đêm
10. Chênh vênh (guitar version)
11. Nghe tôi kể này - bonus track

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