Krystian Shek - Sometimes Not

Carpe Sonum
(SEIZEVIII: 5050580615595)
Release date: 04/27/2015
Genre: Electronic

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1. Tri (Ambient Mix), 2. Wake up with the Rain (Downtempo Mix), 3. Mieko, 4. Sometimes Not, 5. Jungle Bob, 6. Eisblumen (Chillout Mix), 7. Abendrot (Downtempo Mix), 8. Moonchild, 9. White Out, 10. Tannenwald (Deep Mix), 11. Germany Is Eating Souls

Sometimes Not finds Krystian Shek in relaxed mode, remixing four tracks from his first full length CD Eisblumen, which originally appeared on FAX +49-69/450464, alongside seven new tracks. Krys likened the process of producing this album to that of painting on a canvas, eschewing the groovebox and instead relying primarily on the trusty TR-808, along with a Minimoog and MS-20. The result is a downtempo masterwork, perfect for the chillout room or late night listening via headphones. A refreshing drink to quench your sonic thirst. Don't forget to chill before serving.

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