Joy Cleaner - You're So Jaded

(PZL165-1: 708527190517/PZL165-2: 708527190500)

Release date: November 8, 2019
Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Description: I've been in love with Joy Cleaner's music ever since I first heard them; in fact, their debut album, "Total Hell", ranks among my top five most-listened to/favorite Jigsaw releases (yes, I play favorites, ha ha!). They followed that up with a very promising cassingle on Dromedary Records, but here is the highly-anticipated sophomore album, and boy have they ever delivered! Their classic Dogbreth/Diners-styled jangly/breezy indie rock sound is still present in some places, but the first part of the record is made up of these amazing powerpop hits that rank up there with songs by later-era Superdrag, prime Matthew Sweet and Material Issue. Seriously, the one-two-three punch you're given right off the bat will knock you senseless - and the hits keep coming after that! And like the first record, high points are just too numerous to merely rattle off song titles... Seriously, any fan of punchy powerpop should check this one out post-haste!

RIYL: Dogbreth, later Superdrag, Material Issue, punchy indie rock-inflected powerpop

1. I'll See You At Home
2. Pink Lite
3. Dramatization
4. So Much For The Quiet Car
5. Out On The Balcony
6. See Through
7. Bad Advice
8. Phlox
9. Post-Neurotic
10. Dyson Sphere

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