Japancakes - Japancakes

Sleepy Strange Media
(SSM001-1: 708527031124/SSM001-2: 88895396646)
Release date: 05/06/2016
Genre: Indie Pop, Rock

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A new, more electronic pop album from Athens, GA all-stars Japancakes now with Carrie Clough (Bart Davenport, Call & Response), vocals.

The thing about Japancakes is that each album feels cohesive with keeping the importance of song order to create an overall feel. This release, while a new direction for the band, continues in that tradition. A change of scenery, having half the band in LA, proved very useful for a fresh adventure for the band. New sights and sounds heavily influenced the making of this album. The addition of Carrie accomplished many goals for an album Japancakes has talked about for years. Carrie’s distinct vocals, imagery and lyrics provided an atmosphere that seem to fit the music perfectly. Her voice, along with the more electronic sound of the band, worked well to capture thoughts of life and travel through other dimensions. The album has a strange familiarity but feels like floating through space.

1. We're in the City
2. Spies
3. Sleeper
4. Time Travel
5. Destination Mining
6. Lost Voyage
7. Second Sun
8. 5th Dimension
9. Android
10. We're Awake and Floating
11. Night Chorus
12. The Return

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