Isolated Gate - Hapax Legomenon

(DRL365-1A: 708527036518/DRL365-1B: 708527036518/DRL365-3/DRL365-4)

Digital release date: 11/19/2021.
Vinyl release date: 2/11/2022.

Available via mail order only: Limited edition of 200 Audiophile Natural Uncolored vinyl 12" EP with download. Audiophile Natural Uncolored vinyl appears white, but can show light through if held up to a light source.

Available to all: Limited edition of 300 black vinyl 12" EP.

Digital available via all services.  

Isolated Gate is Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Tim Koch (CPU, Ghostly International). Ian and Tim work together online via Osaka and Adelaide. A full-length is planned for release on Darla in Fall 2022.

Hapax Legomenon is a distillation of ideas brought together in playful collaboration across the sea. The songs bounce and ricochet between all 10 dimensions from A Clockwork Orange to The Expanding Universe to Musik von Harmonia to A Rainbow in Curved Air to Computer World to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts to On Land to Little Fluffy Clouds to Selected Ambient Works and Come to Daddy and beyond.

The EP travels sonically through Krautrock clouds, Poppy fields of fragmented melody and even dips into subterranean experimental bunkers of fractured ambience.

Isolated Gate are presently focused on creating their debut album of thought poems and sound-colour to both distill and expand the energies revealed on Hapax Legomenon.

1. Insincerabilitisationism
2. The Sky has Died
3. Rubber Brain
4. Cinnamon Sphincter
5. Battle of the Buildings

Euphoria-inducing sleeve design by the ever innovative Timothy O'Donnell.

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