Hermit Crabs, The - Saw You Dancing

(MRCD046: 837101410540)

Highly anticipated debut album from celebrated new Glasgow band The Hermit Crabs! The band's 'Feel Good Factor' single (matinée 063) turned lots of heads upon its release early this year, with Tangents calling it "sweet succinct pop that snaps and crackles in all the right places," Aversion.com describing it as "a dose of California sunshine filtered through Scottish bedroom-pop sensibilities," and All Music Guide heralding it as "classic Scottish indie pop."
Following release of the EP, the band expanded to a five-piece with the addition of a full time violinist and percussionist and focused on live performances before completing the recordings for this magnificent debut album. Rich with instrumentation and recorded with notable guest musicians including members of Teenage Fanclub and Camera Obscura, 'Saw You Dancing' is one of those classic debut albums that impresses right from the start.
The album kicks off with 'Tonight', a folk-tinged indiepop song with prominent violin and percussion, and 'Goodbye My Friend,' a bouncing jangle pop hit with great harmonies. 'Closet Fan' is a country-tinged pop masterpiece with great lyrics, hypnotic percussion, splendid violin and more exquisite harmonies, while 'Lean Free Summer' is straightforward pop that swings along nicely with keyboards, handclaps, and violin. Meanwhile, 'Bad Timing' adds depth to the album with impressive percussion and a bit of a soulful twist.
'Friend's Folk Festival' makes a case as one of the album highlights with splendid guitar work and a sprightly melodica, while 'Secrets and Lies' is a brooding folk pop song that is captivating in its simplicity. 'Feel Good Factor'—the song that first got the band noticed as one of the winners in Scotland's Burnsong song writing competition—shows that The Hermit Crabs are indeed worthy of the accolades suggesting they are next in line to join the Scottish pop elite currently fronted by fellow Glaswegians Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. 'Third Time Lucky' is lilting guitar pop with exquisite vocals, and the album concludes with the multi-layered and hauntingly beautiful 'Soul Mate.'
A remarkable debut album from new Scottish pop favorites, 'Saw You Dancing' is another dazzling success for Matinée!
Goodbye My Friend
Closet Fan
Lean Free Summer
Bad Timing
Friend's Folk Festival
Secrets and Lies
Feel Good Factor
Third Time Lucky

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