Hepburns - The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye

Radio Khartoum
(KHZ203: )

1. Tokyo Rollerball Cheerleader Chant
2. Dead Don King
3. Blouson-Style Jacket
4. High Street Fashion
5. I’ve Seen Your Sort Before
6. On Your Knees Cowboy!
7. Smaller Than Life
8. The Girl Who Lost Interest in Everything
9. The Hairstyle That Looked Like a Hat
10. Saturday Night Satellite
11. The Happy Bachelor
12. Hotel Grover
13. Coach Park No. 6
14. Themonic Possession

At the rustic inns of Hepburns country (somewhere near Llanelli, Wales) one brushes elbows with the weary ghosts of celebrity boxing promoters, painters and revolutionaries, with teen swim champion dropouts and with (naturally) the disaffected and debonair Norman de Plume. Vocalist and songwriter Matt Jones paints this remote countryside with his characteristic wit: part comic, part melancholy. A belief that all humor springs from the bad things in life. And springs eternal. - Alexander Bailey

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