Half String - Honeycut

Independent Project Records

Release date: 9/24/2021.

Honeycut / Pelican is a single release featuring the most recent recordings from Half String’s 2012 and 2013 Part Time Punks radio sessions.

Honeycut was one of the last songs written by Half String — aside from a rough rehearsal recording it was never properly documented. When the band reunited for shows in 2012 they were invited to record something for Part Time Punks radio show (à la a BBC Session for John Peel). Instead of blazing through three or four songs like most bands, Half String decided to use the session to track Honeycut properly. The recording was originally mixed by Jonathan Deutsche and featured on Part Time Punks Sessions Volume 6. The version on this single was mixed by singer/guitarist Brandon Capps in 2021.

Pelican (Night Version) Pelican is an early song written when Half String was a three-piece. A demo recording from 1992 was included on the Eclipse/Oval/Hue release. The Night Version features guitarist Matt Kruse and bassist David Rogers’ interpretation of the song and was recorded for Part Time Punks in April 2013. The session took place the night before Half String played with Beach Fossils in Los Angeles. Drummer Kimber Lanning’s flight from Phoenix to L.A. wasn’t due to arrive until the following day, so singer/guitarist Brandon Capps hired a Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm to fill in. This recording had remained in the vault since 2013 and was finally mixed by Brandon Capps in 2021.

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