Half Forward Line - The Back Of Mass

(PZL131-2: 708527171011/PZL131-3)
Release date: 10/27/2017
Genre: Indiepop

Half Forward Line is the new band from Brian Kelly (So Cow), Niall Murphy (Oh Boland) and drummer/recordist Ciaran o Maol·in. The plan for the band was to write a set of new songs as quickly as possible and perform them as soon as possible for a good old-fashioned lark, and as a result, the trio have crafted a short, sharp dose of power pop. Recorded over two days in the lounge of a derelict rural Irish pub, this album takes in tales of wedded bliss, social anxiety and the perils of letting someone try on your glasses. Infused with the pioneering jangling spirit of the Flying Nun roster, along with garage rock sonics and Kelly's inimitable brand of buzzsaw pop and slice-of-life lyrics, Half Forward Line have delivered a half-hour album hallmarked by hook-laden songs.

RIYL: So Cow, Vehicle Flips, a punkier Pastels, sharp powerpop

1 For Centuries
2 Vicarious Trauma Blues
3 Sunday Drivers
4 Joint Account
5 One One
6 Dial It Down
7 Column A, Column B
8 Heavy Metal Birthday Party
9 Feast Of The Assumption
10. Irish Rats
11. Everyone Else
12. Hey, Can I Try On Your Glasses

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