Gravy Train, The - Thank You For Nothing

(PZL064: 708527003473)
Release date: 10/27/2014
Genre: Indiepop

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The Gravy Train may have only released three and a half singles (one was a split flexi, you see), but they were certainly no strangers to the flourishing UK cassette scene of the early '90s. It looks like there were just as many songs given to such great compilations, like "Positively Teenage!!?", "C92" and "Teeny Poppers", as there were on their own records! So, curating a collection of this band's work involved a lot of patience and dodgy cassettes (so the sound quality is not always perfect), but I think the resulting 28-track compilation was well worth the effort. On this disc, you'll find all ten songs from their singles, a majority of their compilation contributions (a couple were unsalvageable, regrettably), as well as tracks from their never-released debut lp and a few unreleased gems for good measure. Dig in!

RIYL: Bulldozer Crash, the Driscolls, '90s UK janglepop

1. Make It Better, 2. Why Does The Sun Fall From The Sky?, 3. 4 Walls, 4. Salt In The Wound, 5. Sacred Ground, 6. Another Day, 7. Wish You Luck, 8. St. George's Way, 9. Worldly Wise, 10. Come In From The Cold, 11. Do You Really Know What's Going On?, 12. Money Talks, 13. Make A Big Decision, 14. Goodbye To Stephen, 15. A World Of Your Own, 16. Pull The Boat In, 17. Close To Home, 18. Think It Over... And Start Again, 19. Happy Again, 20. The Devil's In Your Shoes, 21. This Is Your Life, 22. A Suit Of Wood, 23. Watch The Rain, 24. You Live By The Sword... You Die By The Sword, 25. Sad, 26. Chocolate Rain, 27. (You Need) A Heart Of Stone, 28. Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?

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