Galants - Galants EP

(PZL115: 708527071441)

The best thing about EPs (when they're done right) is that it gives bands a chance to put their best songs right up front, with no filler. Don't get me wrong, I love albums as much as the next guy, but a very good EP can be just as strong - if not stronger - than a decent album. Take this one, for example, the first for these four Irish fellows: it's only got four songs, but all of them are complete winners. It's seriously hard to pick out a single favorite on this disc, as each one is a perfect example of hard-hitting shoegaze/noise-pop in the vein of Ride, Swervedriver or the Brother Kite (particularly the latter, who have also perfected the blend of shoegaze and noise-pop). Not bad for a first outing, eh?
RIYL: the Brother Kite, Ride, Swervedriver, shoegaze/noise-pop
1. Evergreen
2. Faultline
3. Remnants
4. Juan

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