Flowtron - Tickle My Dolphin

(DRL076: 708527007624/DRL076-BUNDLE)
Release date: 01/13/1999
Genre: House, Indietronica

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CD + 2xLP test pressing bundle limited to six copies.

You may already be familiar with the prolific ambient/pop duo, FLOWCHART, with dozens of releases on labels like Carrot Top, Darla, Kickin, Wurlitzer Jukebox, Enraptured, Motorway and more. They've been featured in magazines such as CMJ, Alternative Press, Spin, Magnet, Raygun and were one of URB's next 100.

Sean O,Neal and Erin Anderson (along with newcomer, Jim L. Jones), now embellish themselves in their new project FLOWTRON and they are at once spurting their goo all over the ever-commercializing rave scene. They deliver three original tracks on the first two sides two tracks are like early 90s sounding, early morning, feel good trance, with some breaks, which wholeheartedly poke fun at rave and e-culture somewhat reminiscent of Orbital, Underworld, Hardkiss Records or early Paul Van Dyk. The third track is a trancey ambient piece featuring a lovely reverberated list of various e-pills that we have all loved to encounter over our "rave years".

FLOWTRON is just beginning to do selective live performances such as at Local 13s (Philadelphia) upcoming party, Whistle 2, and they are sharing the floor with Mike Dearborn, T-1000, Space Girl, Adam X, and The Denver. Their live performance is more along the lines of hard techno rather than melodic, old sounding trance.

The second slab of vinyl features four remixes by Philadelphia artists including PETE MOSS (Recline/Ovum Recordings), NIGEL RICHARDS (611 Records), BOB BROWN (Hidden Agenda), and CAIN EDWARDS (Fat Cap). Pete Moss delivers another one of his soulful, angelic house mixes. Nigel Richards creates a minimal techno mix somewhat reminiscent of Plastikman. Bob Brown and Cain Edwards deliver two slammin, hard techno tracks for all you tech-hedz out there. And the CD, of course, compiles both records. The packaging features a colorful picture of dolphins dressed in candy-rave gear partaking in a massage train.

The A and B sides are on white vinyl, and the C and D sides are on lavender vinyl. For all that have "raved out" at one time or another, you will be in on the joke. Like someone already once said, "Someone had to do it eventually", and, well, Flowtron actually had the courage to go there.

1. Tickle My Dolphin
2. Fiending
3. Tickle My Dolphin (Flowdub Mix) Pete Moss Remix
4. Tickle My Dolphin (Initial Framework Mix) Bob Brown Remix
5. Tickle My Dolphin (Floe Down Mix) Nigel Richards Remix
6. Tickle My Dolphin (Dolphin Safe Tuna Mix) Cain Edwards Remix
7. Ode to Ian

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