Fauns, The - The Fauns

Deep Space Recordings
(DS004: 879198005247)

Bristol's The Fauns may be relative newcomers to the UK music scene, but their blistering debut harkens back to the golden era of shoegaze - taking cues from the likes of Ride, Slowdive, Lush, Cocteau Twins and countless others. But that's not to say they aren't original – these guys (and gal) definitely hold their own. Alison Garner's beautiful, floating vocals meld perfectly over thick waves of fuzzy guitars and a warm rhythm section. Throw in some solid songwriting and you have all the ingredients for a perfectly hazy, sun-drenched landscape of noise and bliss – influenced, yes, but definitely not bound to the scene they so lovingly pay homage to.
Deep Space is ecstatic to be putting out a 2xLP version of their debut album. The first press limited to 500, and we've included a remix for the song 'Cool Stuff' that is exclusive to the vinyl.

A1 Lovestruck
A2 Cool Stuff
A3 Understand
B1 The Sun Is Cruising
B2 Fragile
B3 Road Meets The Sky
B4 Black Sand
C1 Deranged
C2 Come Around Again
C3 1991
D1 Lovestruck (Tunnel Of Love Mix)
D2 Cool Stuff (Mastermind Mix)

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