El Palacio De Linares - Himalaya

(ELE311: 8428846403113)
Release date:


Numbered limited edition of 500. Red vinyl with download.

EL PALACIO DE LINARES went through a few changes in their line-up before arriving at their current line-up, with Gonzalo Marcos, Mariví Hernández (from Granada) and Ángel Román (from Zamora). The three of them have been working on this project together for over a year now, diving head first into the world of pop. This culminated in some sessions in Martín Perarnau’s studio in April, where they made this 7” that is going to introduce them to society.
We can hear, in their music, THE GO BETWEENS’ type of pop, THE FEELIES’ fast energy, and Charly Misterio’s LOS CARAMELO’s amazed pop. In fact, “Himalaya” has echoes of YO LA TENGO at their most innocent, with a vocal style that could belong to ZOQUILLOS, while dealing with the eternal theme of what could have been but never was. “Las Tres Gargantas” is a moment to let loose in a song that celebrates the disturbed pop of PATRULLERO MANCUSO, with surrealistic lyrics on par with the group from Villaviciosa de Odón. “Rojo Higado” is a great treasure – based on a poem by Lucrecio Martínez Molna, it contains a riff that Grant McLennan or Glenn Mercer would have been proud to be the author of, and a vocal line that awakens the spirit of Sergio Algora as the front man for EL NIÑO GUSANO. The single closes with “Franco Belga”, a song with a sixties’ spirit, with crooner echoes and a fun irreverence, full of irony, in this mix-up written as if the music were a fight between Roy Orbison and Ruth Vacaciones. Without a doubt, they’re great.

TRACKLIST: 01. Himalaya 02. Las Tres Gargantas 03. Rojo Hígado 04. Franco Belga

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