Eggs On Mars - It Will Be Like It Was

(PZL164-2: 708527190494/PZL164-3)

Release date: October 4, 2019
Genre: Indiepop

Truth be told, I am a damn sucker for jangly and somewhat laidback indiepop. It's why this recent crop of bands like Ultimate Painting, EZTV, Young Scum, the burgeoning Aussie scene, etc all hit the right spot for me, but really it dates back to my youth spent wearing out my R.E.M. tapes. But in between the very old and the very new, though, lies the '90s/'00s and its clutch of amazing American janglepop bands, such as Breezy Porticos, Holiday, Kincaid and the undisputed (in my eyes) kings of the scene, Masters Of The Hemisphere. These bands were all important to me then, and I'm happy to say that this recent finding from Kansas City, MO called Eggs On Mars are cut from the exact same cloth as those bands. In fact, there were a number of times on this album (which is actually the band's fifth, after a bunch of self-released cds/tapes!) where I could have easily mistaken a song or even a feeling for something that Breezy Porticos or MOTH gave me. Yes, this is a magical little record, filled with many melodic and memorable moments!

RIYL: '90s janglepop of Masters Of The Hemisphere & Breezy Porticos, '10s janglepop of Real Estate & Salad Boys

1. Porch Tune
2. Your Name
3. Many Small Towns
4. People Pleasing
5. Spacey Stacy II
6. Sometimes Sunday Evening
7. I Can't Always Be The Sunshine
8. Is She A Dream
9. Where To Start
10. It Will Be Like It Was

All songs written by Brad Smith, Justin Longmeyer & Mason Potter.

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