Ed Wood Lovers - Ciencias Exactas

(ELE284: 8428846402840)

Limited to 500. Green vinyl.

They are called upon to be one of the biggest Spanish pop bands. Heirs to the great masters of electronic pop like FAMILY and PARADE, addictive like early ELLOS, this duo from Cuenca formed by Santi and José, with three demos and a self-released album, have already been to the finals in the most prestigious contests in the country (Lemon Pop, Contempopranea, Demonova, Levis Unfamous Music Awards …), they have already covered the Spanish map from top to bottom, and they have visited some of the most respected specialized media (Flor de Pasión, Mondosonoro, JeNeSaisPop…), always leaving the group’s unmistakable trail behind them.  Their versatility, their precious melodies that you can’t help but dance to and their attitude are some of their major virtues, the house specialty.  It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this single for the New Adventures in Pop collection will be what definitively catapults them into Olympus’ orbit, where they belong.

This prodigious EP opens with “Ciencias Exactas”, a type of revisiting of THE RONETTES via ASTRUD, and incredible gem, with marvellous, universal, unforgettable lyrics that relate the cold scientific world with human feelings.  What’s more, Ana Fernández-Villaverde of LA BIEN QUERIDA collaborates on the song.  “Monstruo” goes a little bit farther into techno-pop territory with guitars, closely following the steps of Guille Mostaza, but with the elegance of DAR FUL FUL. “Nunca llevo suelto” is one of their most personal songs, moving within the limits of the most danceable pop, but discovering more acoustic tones and lyrics full of irony and nerve.  “Yo ser como yo” looks blatantly toward the dance floor, at times evoking the best choruses of ALASKA Y DINARAMA and THE ZOMBIES with those detailed, pristine and tremendously effective arrangements. An essential single!!

Ciencias Exactas (Con La Bien Querida)
Nunca Llevo Suelto
Yo Ser Como Yo

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