Durutti Column, The - LC

Factory Benelux
(FBN10-2: 708527302521/FBN10-1: 708527030967)
Release date: 01/14/2013

Expanded double disc editions of LC, the second studio set by The Durutti Column, originally issued by Factory in 1981 and ranked among Vini Reilly's finest albums.

After recording debut album The Return of the Durutti Column with producer Martin Hannett in 1979, virtuoso guitarist Vini Reilly purchased a TEAC four-track recorder from Bill Nelson and set about producing his own material. "I recorded from about two in the morning till dawn. LC wrote itself. I then took it to a studio, Bruce added drums, and I did some piano."

These atmospheric, evocative pieces were perfected by Reilly at Graveyard Studios with co-producer Stuart Pickering, with additional drums and percussion from Bruce Mitchell, who has partnered Reilly ever since. Originally released by Factory in November 1981, LC is a key album in a body of work described by David Stubbs in Uncut magazine as "unique in rock, with Reilly's scampering, watercolour guitar style building a tentative bridge between post-punk and the chamber sketches of Debussy and Ravel."

On the expanded Factory Benelux 2xCD the original ten tracks are supplemented by no less than 23 bonus cuts, including rare Sordide Sentimental single Danny/Enigma, 12" EP Deux Triangles, and the three tracks Reilly contributed to A Factory Quartet in 1980, his last recordings with Hannett and featuring Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio on drums. The remastered CD set also includes a clutch of scarce Crépuscule compilation album tracks, and demo versions of several LC tracks, including a full length version of Detail for Paul.

The double vinyl edition is housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve printed on matt reverse board with new liner notes, a free digital copy of the 12" vinyl tracks and an exclusive 7" single featuring two instrumentals recorded live at Leeds Polytechnic in October 1980.

2xCD tracklist:

Disc 1

1. Sketch for Dawn (1)
2. Portrait for Frazier
3. Jaqueline
4. Messidor
5. Sketch for Dawn (2)
6. Never Known
7. The Act Committed
8. Detail for Paul
9. The Missing Boy
10. The Sweet Cheat Gone
11. Danny
12. Enigma
13. For Mimi
14. For Belgian Friends
15. Self-Portrait
16. Favourite Painting
17. Zinnia

Disc 2

1. Mavucha
2. Experiment in Fifth
3. Portrait for Paul
4. The Act Committed
5. Portrait for Frazier
6. Never Known
7. Untitled LC Demo
8. For Patti
9. Weakness and Fever
10. The Eye and the Hand
11. Party
12. One Christmas for Your Thoughts
13. Homage to Martinů
14. Sleep Will Come
15. Piece for an Ideal
16. Piece of Out of Tune Grand Piano

2xLP + 7" tracklist:

Disc 1

A1. Sketch for Dawn (1)
A2. Portrait for Frazier
A3. Jaqueline
A4. Messidor
A5. Sketch for Dawn (2)
B1. Never Known
B2. The Act Committed
B3. Detail for Paul
B4. The Missing Boy
B5. The Sweet Cheat Gone

Disc 2

C1. Danny
C2. Enigma
C3. Experiment in Fifth
C4. Portrait for Paul
C5. Favourite Painting
D1. For Mimi
D2. For Belgian Friends
D3. Self-Portrait
D4. Zinnia

Disc 3 (7")

E1. Sketch for Summer (live)
F1. Requiem for a Father (version)(live)

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