Drowner - Drowner

Saint Marie
(SMR010: 845121042863)
Release date: 03/12/2012
Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop

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1. Point Dume 2. Never Go Away 3. Chime 4. Wildflowers 5. Written 6. Tiny Ship 7. Here 8. This 9. Chime (Apples to Earth Remix) 10. Never Go Away (Nikki Gunz Remix)

Drowner is a band from Houston, Texas whose big, oceanic, atmospheric sound draws on influences as varied as shoegaze, post rock, noise pop and dream pop as well as bands like The Cure, R.E.M., My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai. Drowner is Darren Emanuel on guitar/drums/keys, Sean Evans on guitar, Mike Brewer on bass and Anna Bouchard on vocals.

Drowner began as a side project of Darren Emanuel (Swimming In, Apples to Earth). Darren’s increasing use of the guitar in both of his previous bands led him to an interest in the sounds of a resurgent shoegaze scene and some of the post rock music happening both in Texas and elsewhere. In 2008, he started writing demo tracks to test some new guitar sounds. The early tracks had a soaring, oceanic feel with strong melodies and heavy use of the Roland Space Echo, drenched in fuzzed-out reverb.

In 2010, Darren worked with a few different singers on the project before finding the perfect counterpoint in longtime friend Anna Bouchard. After some discussion of the project, Anna and Darren began writing in their respective studios and sending demos and tracks back and forth via the internet. Anna brings not only beautiful vocals to Drowner, but a deep lyricism. In late summer 2011, Sean and Mike joined the band. In instrumental work and vocals, music and lyrics, Drowner attempts to embody the power of music to overwhelm and transcend.

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